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This would be a $1,650/month retainer and would include 1 social media update per week across Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.30 minutes per month of coaching/advice with Richard Wilson.

The book will be completed by month 9 in written format:

  • 70-90 page book, to include all editing, cover design, format design, endorsements, appendix references, formatted/ downloadable PDF version, etc. Writing team to remain as ghost writers with all rights reserved by CRECP).
  • Month 11 we will complete in audible book format (to include voice over selection, guidance and assistance on distribution through or similar platform), with a guarantee of 3 podcast interviews a quarter (This package does not include transcription of every podcast into written format to be added to CRE website – We will upload the podcast and associated links to the website and will be using the combined podcast to transcribe only the critical information utilized in the podcast for the book. We will also schedule one private zoom call where Andres will either interview or guide you on delivering thought leadership for additional transcription)
  • Interviews will be hosted and ran by 3rd party Podcast channels. We guarantee 2 podcast interviews a quarter on other channels outside of the Family Office Podcast, but will not be promoting the podcast to our list, nor can we guarantee that the host of the show will promote it to their list in the unlikely event they choose not too. We reach out to them on your behalf, once they accept interviewing you we then make the introduction for you and the podcaster to coordinate a good time.
  • Bonus Items included:
    • Business Card Design and the first printed batch
    • Letterhead (and envelop) designed with PDF and Word Document Files provided.
    • One admission ticket to the NYC Private Investor Summit
    • We will print first 15 books on us. And we will also be in charge of procuring the best printing company when the time comes to print the book to find you the most cost-effective solution. Prints will cost between $3-6 a copy plus shipping and handling depending on whether you are shipping bulk to yourself or individually shipping to a prospect or client.
    • All audio, written and digital documents along with original rights remain the sole ownership of CRECP and shall be transferred over to CRECP upon payment for completed work per month. Rights to use the content for book publishing and prior to any and all distribution to be issued in written agreement to distribute by CRECP prior to distribution or publication.
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