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Thank you for becoming our latest Pitch Package Member within the Family Office Club.  Your Pitch Package membership typically includes your Charter Membership access as well so with this one membership you get all of the benefits of membership plus our help putting in place your investor relations core set of materials in a way that keeps in mind your target investor set, good written best practices that is concise and unique, and professional enough to assure investors they are in the right place and working with a serious firm.

Your Homework: To kick things off as a new Pitch Package Member we would ask that you complete the following questions which will help us have a good % of what we need to serve you and help you get the most out of this package.  While ordinary marketing agencies and graphic design firms sometimes charge $7,000 just for a website or $10,000 for a presentation deck they often times don’t specialize in serving those raising capital and don’t have experience themselves actually pitching investor and raising capital.  Also, their services rarely include any help on using the right words, and framing what you do in a valuable fashion. This is important to emphasize at this point because it would be less expensive for us to just knock out your materials fast with no input from you, but then they won’t be effective.  This “homework” of completing this survey de-risks your investment in this package and our investment of time in fulfilling it and creating something that will help you get more meetings and more clients.

Pitch Package Blocks: We manage your Pitch Package delivery in blocks, these are like building blocks that provide a foundation for the next block in the process.

The blocks include:

  1. Investor Avatar & 1 Liner Confirmation: This upfront work can take just 1-2 business days, most clients take 1-3 weeks, and we have a few who are taking a few months to complete this upfront step on where they are trying to go.
  2. Logo: We attempt to create a logo that is institutional quality, unique, and professional with imagery that is unique and is tied to your message or investor avatar
  3. Pitch Deck: We help you create a base 12 page pitch deck which build credibility and shows your track record, team, special approach, case studies, and contact details.
  4. One-Pager: We create 1 page overview of your offering, a teaser to get potential clients to take meetings with you or get on the phone to learn more.
  5. Website + Social Media: We will put together a 5-7 page website, professional email address as needed, and social media accounts taking into mind search engine optimization, what would attract your investor avatar, etc.
  6. CRM Setup + Animated Whiteboard Video (for premium $7,250 upfront members): The latest addition to Pitch Package is help setting up your CRM and getting registered for that free resource and also our animated whiteboard video service which in 1-1.5 minutes explains visually how your offering works at a high-level

Ongoing Maintenance + Social Media Update Support: This is us making sure each month or quarter that your social media channels are active, updated, and website represents your current business activities.

  • Primary Contact Information (REQUIRED)

    The main point of contact for the duration of this project
  • Please provide the primary contact email that we will comunicate with
  • Secondary Contact Information (OPTIONAL)

    The secondary point of contact for the duration of this project
  • Please provide the primary contact email that we will comunicate with
  • Company Information

  • Please enter a number from 1 to 100.
    How many employees
  • Domain for the website if you already have one or the domain you would like to have.
  • Please provide the login details to your hosting provider and/or domain registrar if you already have one. If you don't we can set up hosting and domain registration for you.
  • Pitch Deck Materials Creation Process

    Please answer the following questions. The following are the things we need to get started in working together in the most productive fashion possible. Some of these items are things you will need to send over to us via email, and other items can be answered here within the word document or written out via a bullet point email if you prefer and submitted that way. In either case please submit your answers/materials to, you will be working with our Marketing Team and our founder Richard C. Wilson.
  • Upload Existing Materials

  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 128 MB.
    • Drop files here or
      Max. file size: 128 MB.
      • Drop files here or
        Max. file size: 128 MB.
        • Drop files here or
          Max. file size: 128 MB.
            If you have links to previously published blogs please enter the URL's below
          • Existing Social Media Profiles

          • Additional Resources

            Please provide any additional resources that will help us in the creation process of your pitch deck package.
          • Testimonials

          • Track Record

            We'll include these on the case studies section of your pitchdeck presentation and web site.
          • Additional Info

            If you have read our book Capital Raising or been to our Capital Raising Bootcamp or Catalyst workshops and have completed the Capital Raising Worksheet that would be helpful to read over, we used to require every Pitch Package Member complete this worksheet but it does take a decent amount of time to do so thoroughly so it is a bonus if you have this to scan or take a picture of to send over but it is not required for our work together. We would highly encourage you to watch the HD version of the Capital Raising Bootcamp in the member portal or come to one of our live Capital Raising Catalyst Workshops though which we host live 4-5 times a year.
          • Permission to use in portfolio

          • Indemnification

            We agree to indemnify and not hold Family Office Club, LLC or team or any related professionals or entities liable for any legal action, regulatory fines, regulatory suspensions, investor claims, or any other type of legal claim as it related to any marketing assets, public or private, or any advice given to you before, during, or after the engagement. We are not a law firm and your vehicle, jurisdiction, and who you are talking to impacts what you can say, and by signing below you understand that this is 100% your firm, as the client's responsibility as you know your audience, legal vehicles, jurisdictions, etc. far more then we ever could.
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